Matt Maddix with Maddix Publishing™
Maddix Publishing was founded by Matt and Caleb Maddix. A father and son team who have written a combined 18 books. They have perfected the book writing, branding, and money making process and have created "The Maddix Method". They created Maddix Publishing to help others write books that effectively relay their message to the masses while also making money and building their brand/credibility with their book.
"The answer​ to my prayers! knowledge for Clickfunnels is outstanding. Saved me a lot of time and money." ---- Shaun Royer 
"The Star Maker"
"Larlin Neumann is the perfect mix of passion, knowledge and patience. She seems to know just the right step or resource to help my multiple businesses move forward... every single time." ----Dave Kombucha Lindenbaum 
Brad Humble with ProjectWomanWarrior
Brad and Brittany Humble are founders of B.E. Humble CLOTHES and Exithis. They had launched with their business ProjectWomanWarrior where women can get subscription boxes tailored to them for clothing sent to their homes by their personal stylist Brittany. Known for being around top celebrities and stylists around the globe. 
"Fast, professional, and even made recommendations to better optimize your funnel. Highest recommendation for a fast, skillful project completion." ---- Mark Slater
"I had the pleasure of being coached by Larlin Neumann. Not only does she know her stuff, she immediately set me at ease from the get go. I looked forward to every session and was motivated to accomplish the tasks she assigned me to do afterwards. Under her guidance you have the confident feeling that what you are learning and going for, is definitely doable. If you have the privilege of being coached by her, I can assuredly say, you are in very good hands!" ---- Paul Neill